• A Basic Introduction On Criminal Defense

    We are a full service criminal defense firm that aggressively defends our clients who have been charged with: Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Domestic Violence Assault and Battery Drugs Prostitution Theft A conviction can affect your job, your license, your freedom and your future!  If you have been arrested for a criminal charge, … [Continue Reading]

    A Basic Introduction On Criminal Defense
  • Why Choose Us?

    WHY CHOOSE ATTORNEY RAYMOND EJARQUE? Raymond Ejarque has practiced law since his admission to the Washington State Bar in June of 1994. He started his career in public interest law helping migrant farm workers and indigents in Texas and Washington State.  Later he worked in Criminal defense as a public defender in Seattle for many years. As a … [Continue Reading]

    Why Choose Us?
  • Free Criminal Defense Consultations

    Let us help build your BEST defense We believe that diligent and zealous representation should be available to everyone, so we can charge affordable attorney fees and offer payment plans. Attorney Raymond Ejarque offers are free one hour private consultation. It can be done over the phone or in the office. He can be reached at (206) … [Continue Reading]

    Free Criminal Defense Consultations
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“Best Lawyer I have ever worked with! Raymond was very professional and thorough. He always got back to me in a very timely manner. He was up front with me about all my options and never left me guessing. He is down to earth and will treat you as an equal. He also has an awesome staff that is willing to answer your questions. Even other attorneys told me that I was lucky to have such a great lawyer. He really went to bat for me! I would recommend Raymond to anybody having legal problems!” –L


Rule 7.1 disclaimer: All cases vary. These past client statements do not and should not create any expectations about the results of your case. Please call Mr. Ejarque to find out what to expect in your case.